Monday, March 11, 2013

March Madness

My sports themed caps are much fewer and far between and they usually fall into the "bets with increasingly higher stakes" category (which was tailor made for TG caps I must say).  Here's a fun one from a few years back that fits this time of year.  Enjoy.

March Madness:  and getting "femmed" by an equally hot woman...all the better

Winning Team

More hoop dreams come true.  This is an extremely "vintage" cap.  Enjoy
Winning Team 1: Good hands
Winning Team 2:  Please forgive the puns :p

Series Going Steady

Another triptych from the vaults.  This one is a personal favorite and has all the elements of a nice slow transformation: starting in the middle of the story, establishing the current state of affairs then going back to tell the story of the transformation and hinting at the delicious fate of our protagonist.  That first pic inspired the story and that model has been a long time muse.  Enjoy.
Good Morning 1:  wearing a man's dress shirt...and absolutely nothing else, perfection.
Good Morning 2:  detailing the long slow transformation
Good Morning 3:  and a bright future of domestic bliss